Dr. Hamid El Bilali

Hamid El Bilali (Skhirat – Morocco, 9 August 1979) graduated in agronomy from the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV Hassan-II) in Rabat, Morocco. He holds a MSc in organic agriculture (CIHEAM-Bari, 2004) and a PhD in agricultural sciences (University of Bari, Italy; 2008). He is currently a researcher on sustainability transitions and food security at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna (Austria). He worked for 8 years as a researcher and scientific consultant in the Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Development department of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-Bari, Italy). He has been engaged in research, training and cooperation activities relating to sustainable food consumption and production, food security, Mediterranean diets and food consumption patterns, food losses and waste, traditional and typical products, rural livelihoods diversification, and rural policy and governance. He is the author of several scientific publications (more than 100 scientific papers and proceedings/communications).